Hettrick Soft X-ray High Resolution Monochromator

Hettrick Scientific (mhettrick@hotmail.com) offers several high efficiency soft x-ray spectrometer designs which provide spectral filtering of Manson sources at resolutions from ~1/20 to ~1/20,000 times the wavelength.

A soft x-ray tunable system consisting of the In-Focus Monochromator (IFM) Model SXR-0.5 and a Manson Model 2 x-ray source. Due to the single grazing incidence reflection and the large collection angle provided by the short focal length, this system has extremely high throughput, allowing spectral filtering of the bremsstrahlung continuum. This system was delivered to MIT's Center for Space Research in order to calibrate CCD detectors to 1.5 keV photon energy.

The resulting soft x-ray spectrum of an aluminum alloy anode, using large slit widths.

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