The source is shown below viewed from the "load-inspection port" side with the two exit beams directed away at 45 degrees through the two gate valves. The anode selection is made by rotation of the handle at the top right, and the two beam filters are controlled by the micrometer handles shown at the top rear. The three ports shown on this side each are covered by a pyrex window to allow inspection of anodes and the gearing mechanism under vacuum. This allows a visual check of any of the anodes to see if any obvious degradation has taken place, without having to break the vacuum, and also check the moving parts in case some problem is suspected. Anode caps are replaced by removal of the 2-3/4 inch viewport in the center, so the 8" top flange seal is seldom opened.

The x-ray output and electrical characteristics of the source are the same as for our Model 2 X-ray Source. It will operate at up to 10 kV with a loading of up to 10 watts electron beam power. The source spot is approximately 200 microns in diameter at 10 kV and 0.1 mA, increasing to around 2 mm diameter at 5 kV and 2.0 mA. Spot diameter increases with the beam current, and decreases with increasing beam voltage. Although normal practice is to turn off the HV before rotating the 6-position anode carousel, this selection of anodes may take place with the high voltage applied. Very rapid cycling of the emitted radiation can therefore be accomplished. The built-in beam filters are mounted on linear actuators to allow a position close to the source spot, for a fully filtered beam of 0.1 ster- radian aperture which fills the 2.5 inch ports of the exit beam gate valves, 7 inches from the source spot.

Included with the basic x-ray source is the vacuum housing shown here, with gate valves, filter actuators including 150 µg cm-2 VYNS and 6 micron Polypropylene filters for both exit beams. Spare filter holders (8) are included, in addition to 4 spare filaments, two sets of 6 anode caps, each comprised of Al, Mg, C, MgO on Mg, B on Mg, and Be/MgOH on Mg caps. Two additional Al and two Mg caps are mounted for shipment, along with one C and one MgO on Mg caps. One of the Al caps will have the typical electron beam signature spot which has been deposited during testing, to provide the customer with a reference for comparison during his familiarization tests of the instrument. A 12 foot HV cable with 10 kV plug termination, to mate with the 10 kV receptacle on the source, is also provided. The customer will attach the plug which mates with his HV supply to the other end of this cable. A regulated and filtered l0 KV supply such as the Bertan Model 205B-1OR is recommended. The filament heating power is provided by the Model 3B X-ray Source Control, included with the Model 5, through the 12 foot filament current cable.

The x-ray output of the source at the various light element K-bands and lines is the same as for our Model 2 source, that is, up to 1012 photons s-1 sr-1.

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